Organic breakfast

Individually prepared

At Villa Anna a good breakfast is paramount! Food served is seasonal, regional wherever possible, and organically sourced. Breakfast is prepared and served individually for each guest, and – to minimise waste – in line with your preferences. Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet or savoury, with or without meat, you’re bound to find something delicious at Villa Anna. Ease into your day gently by gazing at the garden while breakfasting at the large table in the kitchen-diner on the ground floor of the house - where Heike Frank herself lives.

from a local roasting house in Speyer

Tea from the varied tea gardens of the world

Juices from regional fruit

Oven-fresh bread
from a local bakery in Speyer

Homemade cake

Seasonal fruit salad, freshly cut

Cheese and cold meats
from organic sources in Rhineland Palatinate and the surrounding area

Boiled, scrambled or fried eggs
from Rhineland Palatinate hens

Muesli, nuts, dried fruit and yoghurt